Alexander is an experienced writer, having conceived of and written several plays, short stories and comedy sketches.

As a member of the Young Blood Theatre Company his plays Operation: Desperation (co-written with Jamie Allan) and All Tomorrow's Parties were performed in the Lyric Studio, Hammersmith. During this he also wrote and performed in countless sketch nights, mainly at Riverside Studios, also in Hammersmith.

Current projects include a novel, a collection of science-fiction short stories and pitches/spec-scripts for television and comics.





Starship The Recovery Position This Is London
Sitcom Fiction Poetry
Extract from "STARSHIP". "The Recovery Position" "This is London"

Scroungers West London Blues Terminally Beached
Play Poetry Fiction
Extract from "Scroungers". "West London Blues" "Terminally Beached"

08/03/2008 All Tomorrow's Parties Crashed
Fiction Play Fiction
08/03/2008 "All Tomorrow'sParties" "Crashed"

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