Brompton Rhodes is a web-based comic strip charting the adventures of the eponymous "Freelance Agent" as he shoots his way through a futuristic London ruled over by a dictatorial Ken Livingstone.

Using heavily-edited photographs, the comic takes its design cues from pop-art, op-art, punk fanzines and the imagery of the mod and 2-tone eras.

The first story, the seven-issue "Rude Bwoy", has now been completed and the first in a series of one-off stories, "Dead Letter Day", has now been published.

As well his comic adventures, Brompton also stars in Brompton Rhodes versus the Twenty-First Century - a series of surreal short stories in which Brompton tumbles headlong through the multiverse, encountering everyone from fictional characters to current politicians.

No one comes out well from this.

To read the comic click the image above. Owing to its adult nature it is probably not safe for work. Unless you work somewhere quite, quite odd.

The first in a series of commentaries on each issue can also be found here.

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