Brompton Rhodes – Dead Letter Day *UPDATE*

It’s been far too long since the last issue of Brompton Rhodes – nearly ten months in fact! In that time I have been working on certain other projects, admittedly, but that’s still no excuse for my piss-poor tardiness. The delays have been compounded by lack of access to a decent camera – oh, my life for a lovely DSLR. Sadly I’m far too penny for that kind of shit, so I’ve resorted to more budget means.

Still, who gives a shit, eh? The issue is back on track, alongside a snazzy new website redesign to take us into the year twenty-thirteen – unlucky for some, but not for Brompton Rhodes!

The final preview image before the issue hits:

Brompton Rhodes DLD preview

Brompton Rhodes in Dead Letter Day – Coming Soon to Brompton Rhodes Dot Co Dot Yoo Kay!

How Democracy Works…

Law gone against you? Never mind. Just write new laws!

DWP seeks law change to avoid benefit repayments after Poundland ruling

The Department for Work and Pensions has introduced emergency legislation to reverse the outcome of a court of appeal decision and “protect the national economy” from a £130m payout to jobseekers deemed to have been unlawfully punished.

The retroactive legislation, published on Thursday evening and expected to be rushed through parliament on Tuesday, will effectively strike down a decision by three senior judges and deny benefit claimants an average payout of between £530 and £570 each.

And Labour are supporting this. Voice your displeasure with vandalism, violence and assassination.

Being Human Episode 6 – The Last Broadcast

Being Human concludes by bringing the old Buffy comparisons full-circle: Alex climbs out of her own grave, Hal loses his soul then engages Tom in some good old-fashioned martial arts, the First Evil attempts to devour from beneath and then everybody gets Shanshu.

Or do they…?

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