Eschatology for Beginners – New Column!

In which, like every other bastard in the land, I talk about Russell Brand. And, like, politics and stuff. Have a look. Then have a word.

Eschatology for Beginners

Democracy? I Nearly Married Her.

 To vote, or not to vote? Is that even the question? 

Everyone’s favourite movie star Russell Brand has been seen on television recently. Nothing unusual in that, you might think. That’s what movie stars do. They appear on television and they talk about stuff.

What’s unusual about this particular instance is the substance of the stuff the movie star in question, in this case Russell Brand, had to say.

This was no ordinary interview; the man was on Newsnight, of all things, debasing himself before a bearded Jeremy Paxman who, despite his shortcomings, is still my favourite host of University Challenge.

During this vital exchange of views one overwhelming thing was taken away by the following day’s papers:

Russell Brand didn’t vote and thus, due to his unholy influence over the young and impressionable, neither would vast swathes of the population.

Swipe File – Am I being ripped off here…?

Poster designed by me for Rock ‘N’ Rowland in June 2013.

Rock 'n' Rowland Poster

Cover of “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah – the Story of Modern Pop” by Saint Etienne’s Bob Stanley, released September 2013.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah


Ah well, who cares. The book is sitting on my shelf right now and Saint Etienne are my favouritest group ever. Go and buy it! Also, purchase their three compilation albums, released recently – each one is magnificent.

Eschatology for Beginners – My New Column

The second column is now up at I’ve Seen Things and Stuff, Man – in this one I take on the Tory Party Conference – Howay the lads!

Eschatology for Beginners 2 - Return of the Nasty Party

The Return of the Nasty Party 

‘Compassionate Conservatism’ has been consigned to the dustbin as the Tory Party battens down the hatches – Election season has started early! 

The Conservative Party has long had an image problem.

Even when in office and enjoying large majorities they’ve never been quite able to shake the notion that they are the ‘nasty party’. Once they were seen as fusty and old-fashioned; the protectors of inherited wealth, property and systems of privilege designed to keep people in their place.

Since Thatcher the image has changed to that of the predatory capitalist, cheerfully kicking the poor in the face while waving wads of tax-free cash in their faces.



Rotherhithe Primary School – Mural

In August of 2013 I was invited by the Headteacher of Rotherhithe Primary School to design and paint a mural, in conjunction with New Roots, a maintenance and landscaping company founded by Christopher Harrod-Green and his son, Robert, a very old friend of mine. Work on the mural was completed by the beginning of September by myself, Robert Harrod-Green, and Laura Harrod-Green.

The wall in question is located towards the rear of the school in the car park, facing on to Rotherhithe New Road. As you can see from the photograph below, we had quite a job ahead of us…


The size of the facing wall was 80 square meteres in total; a daunting prospect for one’s first mural, as you might well imagine. We were dealing with a variety of surfaces – brick, metal and wood.

It also became clear to us that this was not going to be a straightforward painting job. There would be the cleaning and preperation of the various surfaces, of course, but as the above photograph reveals there was also a mess of wires, grates and esoteric electronic boxes that would need to be tidied away.

Rotherhithe Primary - DoorsThe above photograph shows the loose wires in more detail. These would have to be trunked. Also, note the white doors. These were made of a flimsy plastic. Behind them lay a set of simple cage doors, concealing a store cupboard. We took the decision to remove the plastic coverings and replace them with sturdier wooden doors that would also accept the paint better.

Rotherhithe Primary - Mural Design

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