Clean Straw For Nothing – A Guide to Drinking on a Budget (2)

…And we’re back, after a hiatus of what seems like forever! Personally, I blame all the drinking. Yes, it’s…

Clean Straw for Nothing

For this edition we’re going to cover everyone’s favourite pipe-cleaner – lovely gin!

“Gin, cursed Fiend, with Fury fraught,
Makes human Race a Prey.
It enters by a deadly Draught
And steals our Life away.”

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JG Ballard Tribute

According to the Guardian, this month it has been five years since the death of J G Ballard. On the night I learned of his death I wrote this:

Terminally Beached – 20/04/2009

In the centre of this vast, empty space I stood and admired its geometric purity. A million tiny lines ran from the point where my feet lay, horizontally and vertically, spreading out like some enormous alien grid. A sadistic game of battleships took place, with myself as both source and target of the deadly missile.

Overhead several jet fighters flew in formation. For days now they had patrolled the sky, the apex of their retreat into the stratosphere the cue for yet another bout of radio transmission: Situation normal. All fucked up.

I returned to the grid. In the small lines of grout I saw whole universes rise and fall; in the tiny tiles I saw images of great antiquity, dramas played out in a small scale on a trillion billion different screens; in the traverse between blues that signified the tide-mark I saw endless sunsets; in the ashes that lined the floor and stained the canvasses I saw only pointless death.

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Illustration Commission – I’ve Seen Things and Stuff, Man

The pseudonymous Willy Harlow, proprietor of the podcast and website I’ve Seen Things and Stuff, Man, hired me to provide illustrations of the various contributors. This includes my own sainted face.

Alexander Hayden James Smith

(My favourite one is the dog.)

These were first drawn in pencil on A3 paper, then inked, scanned, and coloured in Photoshop. They are intended for use on a variety of merchandise, as well as to illustrate the website.

Click through to see the rest of the pictures. Click on an image to see it much bigger, and better.

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Photography Commission – I’ve Seen Things and Stuff, Man

The pseudonymous Willy Harlow, proprietor of the weekly podcast and supporting website I’ve Seen Things and Stuff, Man, hired me in the February of the year of our Lord 2014 to provide some photographs of the contributors and crew (including, sadly, me).

Willy Harlow Recording

Willy Harlow Recording

Click “after the jump”, as those young folks would have it, to see the rest. Click an image to see the larger version!

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Clean Straw For Nothing – A Guide to Drinking on a Budget (1)

Welcome to the first in a series of articles about drinking on a budget. Future articles will include the best  and cheapest places to drink, both in the on and off-trade, as well as good deals and fine street-drinking locations. This is…

Clean Straw for Nothing

What with rising rents, a distinct lack of jobs, and what few employment opportunities there are being low-paid, or indeed, lacking any remuneration whatsoever, it’s getting hard for the committed drinker. Here in London we are fast-approaching the long-fabled and equally long-dreaded £5-pint; even the ever-reliable Samuel Smiths and JD Wetherspoon are beginning to test the pocket, though admittedly, their offers on spirits do make up for the increasing beer price.

So what do you do? You’re unemployed, or precariously employed, or perhaps even just sick of chucking so many notes over a bar and not even ending up pissed – so of course you head to the off-licence.

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