Clean Straw For Nothing – A Guide to Drinking on a Budget (2)

…And we’re back, after a hiatus of what seems like forever! Personally, I blame all the drinking. Yes, it’s… For this edition we’re going to cover everyone’s favourite pipe-cleaner – lovely gin! “Gin, cursed Fiend, with Fury fraught, Makes human … Continue reading

Clean Straw For Nothing – A Guide to Drinking on a Budget (1)

Welcome to the first in a series of articles about drinking on a budget. Future articles will include the best  and cheapest places to drink, both in the on and off-trade, as well as good deals and fine street-drinking locations. … Continue reading

Comic Review – Transformers: Spotlight: Trailcutter

Trail who? That’s what the bearded chap in the shop said to me today as I purchased my issue. I remember Trailbreaker, he said. Good old Trailbreaker, with the forcefield. But not Trailcutter. And that’s exactly how Trailcutter would like … Continue reading

Being Human Episode 6 – The Last Broadcast

Being Human concludes by bringing the old Buffy comparisons full-circle: Alex climbs out of her own grave, Hal loses his soul then engages Tom in some good old-fashioned martial arts, the First Evil attempts to devour from beneath and then … Continue reading

Being Human Series 5 Episode 4

There were moments in Sunday’s latest episode of Being Human where I foolishly thought things might actually turn out all right. Despite the reappearance of insane vampire Crumb and the magnificent, Satanic Captain Hatch this episode had all the hallmarks … Continue reading

Being Human Series 5 Episode 3 – Pies and Prejudice

Toby Whithouse’s supernatural drama Being Human continues to go from strength to strength, a fact made all the more galling with the knowledge that this is the final series. It’s been described as the ‘British Buffy’ and while such a … Continue reading