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  • Eschatology for Beginners – New Column!

    In which, like every other bastard in the land, I talk about Russell Brand. And, like, politics and stuff. Have a look. Then have a word. Democracy? I Nearly Married Her.  To vote, or not to vote? Is that even the question?  Everyone’s favourite movie star Russell Brand has been seen on television recently. Nothing unusual […]

  • Eschatology for Beginners – My New Column…

    I have a new column at the website iveseenthingsandstuffman.com, entitled “Eschatology for Beginners”. Read it now! http://www.iveseenthingsandstuffman.com/eschatology-for-beginners/ It’s not every day you get a visit from a UN inspector. Just ask Saddam Hussein. Oh, no, wait. Better yet, ask Assad; I’m sure he’s got a few more weeks left before he’s bombed out of his […]