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  • Novel Update

    So the geezer at the computer shop reckons he can’t get anything off of my hard drive; that it needs to go to the clean room, and that I need to fork out fat cash. Well, somehow, despite lacking any technical skill whatsoever, I have managed to pull a significant number files from that battered […]

  • Novel Update – June 2013

    18, 335 words. Pathetic. I’ve been truly rubbish lately. Oh, sure, there’s been other projects to work on, etc. But still. Piss poor. Buck up them ideas, sunshine! (I follow¬†@jamiedelano¬†on Twitter; he has similar problems. For inexplicable reasons I take comfort in that.)

  • Novel Update – March 2013

    13, 525 words. Pathetic! Work harder, boy! </Strax> (Mmm. Doctor Who tomorrow! Expect a review up sometime over Easter, if I can contain my excitement!)

  • Novel Update – Feb 2013

    7,652 words. Many, many more to go…