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  • Eschatology for Beginners – My New Column

    The second column is now up at I’ve Seen Things and Stuff, Man – in this one I take on the Tory Party Conference – Howay the lads! The Return of the Nasty Party  ‘Compassionate Conservatism’ has been consigned to the dustbin as the Tory Party battens down the hatches – Election season has started […]

  • New Short Story – Brompton Rhodes in The Final Excretion

      Click the big pic above to have a butcher’s. Here’s a small excerpt to whet your digusting appetites: Brompton whirled around in horror to see, on the chaise-longe, draped across it like a cheap throw, the Prime Minister himself: David Cameron. He too was naked and sitting before him, with an easel and a […]