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  • Soon…

    I know I keep saying this. But soon.

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  • Soon…

      Hard drive issues be damned!    

  • Brompton Rhodes Confidential – Behind the Scenes of Rude Bwoy #1

    Yup, it’s that time again – time, once more, to slip like a velvet banana behind the curtain of Brompton Rhodes and receive a sticky face-full of trivia, history and a unique insight into what I shamelessly call my ‘working practises’. This time we’re going back further than we’ve ever been, ladies and gentleman, time-shifting […]

  • Constantine: Hellblazer – death of a working class warlock

    A lovely article about John Constantine of Hellblazer fame, reflecting on the character’s legacy in the wake of the comics’s cancellation and the incorporation of a more ‘family-friendly’ version of John into the mainstream superhero DC universe. Particular attention is paid to the political and social slant writer Jamie Delano infused the series with when […]

  • Brompton Rhodes: Dead Letter Day – Out Now! At Last!

    Starring myself, Scott Geldart and Rupert Lovibond (brother of famous film actress Ophelia, fact-fans!) and featuring a brand new website design that took me, like, ages. Click below to have a taste, you filthy, filthy beggars.

  • Comic Review – Transformers: Spotlight: Trailcutter

    Trail who? That’s what the bearded chap in the shop said to me today as I purchased my issue. I remember Trailbreaker, he said. Good old Trailbreaker, with the forcefield. But not Trailcutter. And that’s exactly how Trailcutter would like it to be. Because this is a story of a robot stuck in a rut. […]

  • Brompton Rhodes – Dead Letter Day *UPDATE*

    It’s been far too long since the last issue of Brompton Rhodes – nearly ten months in fact! In that time I have been working on certain other projects, admittedly, but that’s still no excuse for my piss-poor tardiness. The delays have been compounded by lack of access to a decent camera – oh, my […]