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  • Constantine: Hellblazer – death of a working class warlock

    A lovely article about John Constantine of Hellblazer fame, reflecting on the character’s legacy in the wake of the comics’s cancellation and the incorporation of a more ‘family-friendly’ version of John into the mainstream superhero DC universe. Particular attention is paid to the political and social slant writer Jamie Delano infused the series with when […]

  • Warren Ellis in conversation with Ian Rankin

    Brilliant stuff.

  • I think the phrase is “Holy shit.”

    Brains of rats connected allowing them to share information via internet Rats thousands of miles apart collaborate on simple tasks via the internet using ‘brain-to-brain interfaces’ Scientists¬†have connected the brains of a pair of animals and allowed them to share sensory information in a major step towards what the researchers call the world’s first “organic […]

  • Daily Mail News Round-Up

    Today’s important stories, brought to you by that bastion of quality journalism, the Daily Mail! First up, Brooker was right! ‘When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep tweeting’: Controversial app that updates your Twitter feed from beyond the grave Next up, a square gets his head expanded: I tried to leap out of the window […]

  • News Round-Up…

    That prick Duncan Smith continues to talk rubbish… Duncan Smith: Shelf-stacking is more important than geology The work and pensions secretary has criticised people “who think they’re too good” to stack supermarket shelves on back-to-work government schemes. On the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Iain Duncan Smith suggested that many “smart people” overlooked the importance of […]