Eschatology for Beginners – New Column!

In which, like every other bastard in the land, I talk about Russell Brand. And, like, politics and stuff. Have a look. Then have a word.

Eschatology for Beginners

Democracy? I Nearly Married Her.

 To vote, or not to vote? Is that even the question? 

Everyone’s favourite movie star Russell Brand has been seen on television recently. Nothing unusual in that, you might think. That’s what movie stars do. They appear on television and they talk about stuff.

What’s unusual about this particular instance is the substance of the stuff the movie star in question, in this case Russell Brand, had to say.

This was no ordinary interview; the man was on Newsnight, of all things, debasing himself before a bearded Jeremy Paxman who, despite his shortcomings, is still my favourite host of University Challenge.

During this vital exchange of views one overwhelming thing was taken away by the following day’s papers:

Russell Brand didn’t vote and thus, due to his unholy influence over the young and impressionable, neither would vast swathes of the population.

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