Eschatology for Beginners – My New Column

The second column is now up at I’ve Seen Things and Stuff, Man – in this one I take on the Tory Party Conference – Howay the lads!

Eschatology for Beginners 2 - Return of the Nasty Party

The Return of the Nasty Party 

‘Compassionate Conservatism’ has been consigned to the dustbin as the Tory Party battens down the hatches – Election season has started early! 

The Conservative Party has long had an image problem.

Even when in office and enjoying large majorities they’ve never been quite able to shake the notion that they are the ‘nasty party’. Once they were seen as fusty and old-fashioned; the protectors of inherited wealth, property and systems of privilege designed to keep people in their place.

Since Thatcher the image has changed to that of the predatory capitalist, cheerfully kicking the poor in the face while waving wads of tax-free cash in their faces.



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