Rock ‘N’ Rowland Logo Design and leaflets

Not content with being a writer of some distinction, as well as devilishly handsome*, I also splash about in the world of graphic design. This particular set of logos were designed for Rock ‘N’ Rowland, a second-hand record concession within Blitz, an extremely trendy vintage clothing shop just off of Brick Lane. Seriously, celebrities go there and everything!

Rock 'n' Rowland full colourThis is the “full colour” version of the logo; the original, if you will. The design process for this was extremely easy, mainly because I was handed a piece of art and told to copy it. Remember kids – it’s fine if the client tells you to do it!

Not content with one version of the logo, I decided to offer two more variants to suit different circumstances. The first of these is what I call the “flat colour” version:

Rock 'n' Rowland flat colour


This dispenses with the gradients in favour of a pseudo-cel-shaded look. I think this one’s actually my favourite. It’s the candy colours of it, coupled with the Rowntree’s-esque ‘Rowland’ bit – I judge whether colours work by how ‘delicious’ they look, and these make my mouth water for some reason. And I thought I’d lost my sweet tooth, aged fiend that I am.

The final logo is a two-tone black-and-white logo, for use where colour is either inappropriate or just too damn expensive:

Rock 'n' Rowland black and white

Which quite neatly brings us to the leaflets I also designed, being as colour printing is rather expensive, whereas black and white photocopies are dirt cheap. Thus, we have below…

Rock 'n' Rowland Leaflet Page 1The front of the A6-sized leaflet – imaginative, eh? I did moot a slightly more interesting alternative…

Rock 'n' Rowland Leaflet Alternate Page 1But t’was rejected!

The rear of the leaflet is luckily more interesting, since it contains all the meat

Rock 'n' Rowland Leaflet Alternate Page 2“Roll with us” was not my choice, by the way….

Anyway, this will be a semi-regular feature of the blog, updated as and when I get more work. Which of course is a hint that you should be sending me work. Come on, folks! There is a recession on!

Until then, good night, good luck and good fishing.

*And not ‘like an emaciated prom queen’, Terry Russell.

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