Iain Duncan Smith continues to cover himself in shite…

This spectacular interview on LBC between James O’Brien and IDS on the subject of workfare and today’s employment figures is worthy of its own post. Cheer yourself up for fifteen minutes and listen to a man who clearly loves the sound of his own voice, if not the truth…

Iain Duncan-Smith was involved in an explosive bust-up with James O’Brien live on LBC 97.3.

iain duncan smith

The Work and Pensions Secretary has welcomed a fall in unemployment, which now stands at 362,000 in the capital and 2.5million across the UK.

It means the number of people claiming jobseeker’s allowance has fallen to a near two-year low.

But during an explosive interview with LBC 97.3’s James O’Brien, Mr Duncan-Smith was questioned about the reliability of the figures and the effectiveness of government policy for getting more people back to work.

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