Gaydar was a short gag comic strip based on the perils of the lesbian dating scene.

Conceived of and writen by the playwright and academic Rena Brannan, the brief was for both character designs and full illustration. The spare, dialogue-focused scripts allowed for the freedom to experiment with layout and background elements. The colours were inspired by those used in old Beano Books.

Gaydar was published on the website When Sally Met Sally for seven strips. Read them in situ here, or click an image to the right for larger versions.

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Gaydar Logo by Alexander Hayden James Smith

Gaydar 1
Strip #1
Gaydar 2
Strip #2
Gaydar 3
Strip #3
Gaydar 4
Strip #4
Gaydar 5
Strip #5
Gaydar 6
Strip #6
Gaydar 7
Strip #7
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